This is the official Nodi 19.1 Download page. Please choose your Nodi download below and install the best Kodi Fork to use in 2021!

Please note :

Nodi 19.1 is forked using the latest Kodi 19.1 official stable release. The architecture used for compiling is 32bit. This should work on both Android TV and Firestick devices. Please use the contact us page if you require a 64bit version.


The Best Kodi Fork 2021

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NODI 19.1.2 update now available!

Nodi 19.1.2 is now available to download. This update will fix the issue with external storage and the false positive malware bug.

The malware warning was a false positive due to compiling on Android 9.0 and is now fixed!

This issue is now fixed in Nodi 19.1.2 with thanks to Underdog for help compiling and amending the manifest file and compiling on Android 10.


Download Nodi Fork 19.1.2

Please use the download link below to download Nodi 19.1.2 to your Android device.

Latest Stable Nodi 19.1.2

Nodi 19.1.2 Changelog

  • Storage bug fixed
  • Malware warning fixed – this was due to compiling on Android 9.0 and was a false positive.

*Please Note – Inside Nodi software, version number will still show 19.1


Nodi 19.1.1

This version fixed the Storage Bug

Download “Nodi 19.1.1” Nodi-19-1-1.apk – Downloaded 6496 times – 73 MB

Nodi 19.1 Initial release

Download “Nodi 19.1” Nodi-19-1.apk – Downloaded 9314 times – 74 MB



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