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StreamLocator Promo Codes and Coupons | May 2021

#1 – StreamLocator

This my #1 favourite ‘must have’ for streamers.

StreamLocator is a Wifi hub that is essentially a seperate router in your home, and will unblock most streaming apps, and removes Geo-locked restrictions for apps like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Peacock, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer and so much more!

The reason why this is my #1 choice, is unlike a VPN, the StreamLocator does not encrypt your connection through any servers, meaning you get your full internet speed. In addition to no speed loss, unlike most VPN’s, it works with ALL the streaming apps that some VPN’s fail on!

Whilst 1 VPN might unblock Netflix, it may not work with HBO max, and so on! Because StreamLocator uses your ISP, and then works as a smart DNS, it unblocks the apps, regardless of your location, without having to open any apps and manually change your location, like VPN.

StreamLocator is simple, easy to use, cheaper than a VPN (because you get a Wifi router), and im my opinion, a complete gamechanger!

MUST READ : STOP using VPN’s – Use StreamLocator instead!

Watch this StreamLocator video to learn more:

Trust me when I say this is so much better than using a VPN for unblocking streaming apps!

#2 – IPVanish VPN

IPVanish is the most popular VPN for streaming devices simply due to the super fast speeds!

IPVanish VPN

There is no other VPN that can compete with the huge IPVanish download speeds. This makes it the perfect VPN for use on Android TV boxes or Amazon Firesticks.

One downside is, it might not work on the service you want to use it with, so do some research first, however if you are looking for a fast and reliable VPN to protect your activity, IPVanish is a great choice.

Why do I think IPVanish is the best VPN for streaming?

Reason #1 – They are the fastest! They recently upgraded to a massive 25GBPS network card, which no other VPN service can match, the next runner up is 10GBPS. This means speed isn’t impacted by traffic! They also have their new wireguard protocol which will make it more reliable, and even faster!

Reason #2 – It works with all devices, with an easy to use app, and whilst IPVanish is normally $10-$12 per month, as a more premium service, there is an offer that makes the price under $3 per month – of course this could end at any time. You can use this link to claim the offer price.

IPVanish Deal and Price

PRICE : $28 for 12 months (working out to $2.62 per month)

INCLUDES : Unlimited connections + option for secure cloud storage

Or, watch this IPVanish review to learn more:

#3 – IvacyVPN

IvacyVPN is another popular choice for Geo-Unblocking content by alot of streamers, especially users of the Amazon Firestick.

IvacyVPN - Best VPN for streaming?

Ivacy pretty much support all devices, and that includes smartphones, tablets, Amazon Firestick’s or Android TV boxes. The app is minimal, clean and very easy to use with more than enough countries or locations to choose from!

IvacyVPN are a popular choice for 2 main reasons…..

Reason #1 They are cheap! When you take a 5 year plan, it works out at roughly $1 a month! That is VERY cheap and is still cheaper than most other VPN’s yearly price! After buying, you are also covered for 5 years!

Reason #2They actually work! Unlike some VPN’s, Ivacy works with streaming services like Disney+, Peacock etc. Whilst IPVanish is a popular choice for speed, unfortunately, they don’t work with these streaming services, where as Ivacy does!

I have also covered video’s on Ivacy many times in the past, you can check it out below!

IvacyVPN Deal and Price

PRICE : $80 for 5 years (working out to $1.33 per month)

INCLUDES : 87% discount off the standard price + includes a free gift!

Or, watch this video to learn more :