For those who want to learn how to import Movies and Shows to your Nodi library, like our screenshots, this tutorial should help!

I’ve received a few requests asking to show how I created a Movie and Show library on Nodi, similar to the setup you may have seen in the Nodi screenshots.

If you have your own library of content on a local drive, or on via a cloud service/app box, it is relatively easy to setup. However you might need to find a tutorial online which is specific to the host you use.

In our case, we will be using Premiumize to create a library on Nodi – This will also work with Kodi.

What is Premiumize?

Premiumize is a premium service that offers high quality hosted links, provides more access to a MASSIVE amount of HD or 4K links on addons, and allows you to import torrents via magnet urls, directly to your Premiumize cloud.

Before we start

You WILL need a Premiumize account and have created a library of files from the Premiumize website.

You can find guides on the Premiumize website (account needed), but in simple terms, by using the magnet links from torrent websites, you can paste the URL into Premiumize Transfers page, and the torrent will then download to your Files under ‘My Files’ within your Premiumize account.

Transferring torrents from the magnet link to your Files on the Premiumize website takes just a few seconds.

By importing torrents to your Premiumize cloud, you will then have access to the content within your account.

Premiumize Transfers


I will not be sharing any torrent websites, nor do I recommend downloading torrents. Downloading copyrighted content IS illegal in most countries, and in some cases, like the UK, you will be blocked from even visiting most torrent websites.

I recommended checking and understanding your local or counties law around downloading torrents, and ALWAYS use a VPN. I recommend IPVanish which currently has the biggest ever discount they have offered.

Using a VPN will hide your activity, protect your IP address being traced on any websites, and will unblock any blocks on accessing torrent websites.

Connecting Premiumize to Nodi Library

To directly connect Nodi to Premiumize to import our files, we will be setting up a WebDAV connection.

It is straightforward and can be done by following the guide below – Thanks to Premiumize for the setup guide! ;

Step 1

First of all you have to open the settings, using the little settings icon.

Step 2

Now open the File manager.

Step 3

Add a new source.

Step 4

Click on Browse to add a new source.

Step 5

Add a new network location.

Step 6

Enter the following settings for WebDAV:

  • Protocol: WebDAV server (HTTPS)
  • Server address:
  • Port: 443
  • Username: your customer-id
  • Password: your api-key

Step 7

Now enter a name for this media source and click ok.

That’s it. You can now use this source like any other source you are already using.

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