If you have downloaded Nodi 19.1 and are confused as to why there are no Movies or no addons showing in the Nodi categories, here is why…..

Right, I’m getting ALOT of questions on my Nodi 19.1 video on YouTube like ‘Why is there no movies on Nodi?’ or ‘Why is there no addons on Nodi 19.1?’, let me explain why….

Nodi is NOT a build

It is important to understand, Nodi is a fork of Kodi.

Because you might have downloaded forks in the past that come preloaded with addons or builds, you might be under the impression it would be the same with Nodi 19 – this is not the case.

Nodi is an official fork of Kodi and not a custom build and it does not install with preloaded addons.

This is because to be recognised as an official fork, we would not release a version that contains any third part content, especially relating to addons that may violate any copyrighted content.

You are free to install any addon you like, and the official Kodi repository is already pre-installed.

What makes Nodi different to Kodi

Well, in summary, not much at all!

It is simply a fork, with a different package name to Kodi, which means it can be installed along side Kodi. This essentially providers you the opportunity to run multiple versions of Kodi, or multiple build setups.

Yes, the Estuary skin is themed slightly, which gives Nodi some form of branding, but in terms of useability, it is essentially another blank version of Kodi.

Some people like to run seperate or multiple setups, or another fork for testing, Nodi provide’s that solution.

Hopefully that answer’s some questions.

If you would like any more info, please get in touch.

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