After a long wait, I am happy to announce the official release of the best Kodi fork to use in 2021. Nodi 19.1 is now available for public download!

Nodi was a popular Kodi Fork created by LeeTV which was initially released as a fork of Kodi 17.

Due to issues, no release was made based on the Kodi 18 update.

Nodi is now officially forked using the latest official Kodi 19.1 release, and comes with all the features you expect to see on Kodi.

What is Nodi?

Nodi is an official fork of the Kodi media centre.

Nodi was created as a simple, clean, and familiar alternative to run along side the Kodi media centre.

Nodi does not contain any addons, or custom builds, it is there for you to use as a separate media centre, to use as you want!

Nodi 19.1 fork pink

You can change the colours to suit your preference inside the skin settings.

The Nodi skin is an edited version of Estuary.

Download Nodi 19.1

To download Nodi. Please visit our downloads page.

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